Social Promotion Association


The association performs its activity in amatorial way proposing folk dances of all the world, attending to square feasts, folk festivals and other animation activities.

"Dances in the World" show

The dances we present in the show come from different countries of the world, everyone with a proper expression and musical form, typical of its culture.

By means of the movement, gestures and costumes, we try to interpret the moods of mankind and the cultural heritage of the different peoples. The show is also an introduction to what we consider the true moment of the meeting: the participation of the people in the dance trough the "animation".

The Animation

The moment which Il Salterio gives a particular importance to is the involvement of the audience.
Adults and children, learning simple dances, take part in active way to the feast and experience directly the joy of dancing together.

Dance Classes

Our aim is to deepen and spread the knowledge and the magic of ethnic dance. For this purpose, we promote cultural exchanges with several groups from different countries.

Every year we organize a dance class for everybody ending with a great festival. We always invite other Italian and foreign dance groups, with their expressive features.
The festival is a regular appointment for Brescia and province and Il Salterio offers it to all folk dance lovers.

Other classes are organized on specific request of communes, associations, oratories and schools.

For the latter, the project "Dances in the schools", characterized by a proper educational content, has been active for years and it's addressed to teachers and students.