Social Promotion Association

The folk dance group "Il Salterio" was born in 1983 after the meeting of people interested in knowledge and spreading of ethnic dances of different traditions and in 1992 becomes a no profit cultural association.
The main goal of the group is communicating the typical feast character of ancient popular festivals and the worth belonging to different cultures through the dance, carrying "in every place the world in motion" with a message of sharing and solidarity.

The name of the group comes from the greek word 'psaltérion' (from 'psŕllein' = to pluck). In Greece it was the generic name given to stringed musical instruments. This musical instrument was also used by the Jews to accompany the chants of the Psalms and moments of dance. Furthermore, the name "Salterio" was chosen because in Italian it reminds the verb "to jump", movement expressing natural joyfulness and it best represents the spirit of the group.

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